Holy crap, an actual show!

Hi!  I’m playing my first show in umpteen bajillion years on November 11th, opening for the ever-glorious MC Lars and I Fight Dragons right here in my hometown of Rochester, NY!  Check the “Shows” page over there on the right for details!

Also, if you missed it, here’s the last song I put up on The FuMP, featuring DarkNES of the Gothsicles!

More stuff coming…um….eventually?  Hope to see some of you at the Lars show!!!


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New Worm Quartet song posted to The FuMP!

Hi!  I’ve been quiet as hell lately, but if you’d like to hear me make some actual noise, check out the new Worm Quartet song “Entire Dog” available even as we speak at The FuMP!


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New Devo Spice Live DVD featuring Worm Quartet concert!

Devo Spice Live In Front Of 13 People DVD small

The new Devo Spice “Live In Front of 13 People” DVD is finally available!  Features an hour-long Devo Spice concert as well as a 30-minute Worm Quartet concert, professionally filmed at an unintentionally-intimate show at Broadway Comedy Club in NYC in 2012, as well as several bonus Devo Spice / Sudden Death videos!  Yours for a mere $14.99!   Pick it up in the WQ Store!

Hope you glorious people are enjoying existence!  I’ll have more announcements of various sorts soon!  Exclamation points are the only valid way to end sentences!



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Still Alive!

Hi! Sorry for the impromptu hiatus! I definitely still exist, and I’m finally dusting off my stupid lungs and getting back to doing a couple of shows! This weekend I’ll be in Eerie-Con in Buffalo, NY and in a couple of weeks I’ll be making my triumphant return to Con on the Cob in Richfield, OH! Check the “Shows” page! New music, you say? Working on it, dammit!


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Worm Quartet to appear in Dr. Demento documentary!

Hi!  I just got back from the ever-wonderful MarsCon in Bloomington, MN, where I did an interview for “Under The Smogberry Trees,” an upcoming documentary about the e’er-wonderful Dr. Demento!  Other comedy musicians appearing in this thing include Devo Spice, Luke Ski, Insane Ian, Barnes and Barnes, Henry Phillips, Stan Freberg, MC Lars, Mojo Nixon, and some guy named Alvin Yankovitz or something.  It looks like it’s gonna be amazing, and I’m psyched as all hell that I’m gonna be a part of it.

1898786_304111646403884_1636871179_oMarsCon 2014 Dementia Track peeps – the Smogberry crew’s on the right!  I’m near the back cuz I’m stupid tall!

MarsCon was fantastic as always.  Thanks to everyone who came out!  Hope to see some of you guys at FuMPFest in Chicago this summer!



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Worm Quartet holiday sale!


My entire discography is on sale this weekend!  “Songs of the Maniacs” and “Mental Notes” are a mere $4.99, the other discs are $7.99, and you can pick up the whole discography for a mere $29.99!  Impose my noises upon friends and family!  Purchase extra copies if yours no longer sound studio fresh!   Throw money at me in exchange for nearly-obsolete shiny round things!



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No WQ at Con on the Cob

All –

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to cancel Worm Quartet’s appearance at Con on the Cob this year. This stupid illness I’ve been fighting has laughed at my attempts to drive it away with Zicam and vitamins and instead progressed to the point that my voice is completely shot, and between that and a low-grade fever, I definitely can’t pull off a concert. Kim’s sick too, so we’re planning a raucous evening of popping Mucinex and downing NyQuil shots.

I’m annoyed as crap about this…I was greatly looking forward to hanging out with friends I don’t see anywhere near enough and once again screaming my stupid noises at the con with the worst pun name since 2BeCONtinued. But Ookla the Mok, Glen Raphael, ShiSho, and the great Luke Ski, among others, will be there to ensure that all attendees who can peel themselves away from their gaming chairs will be properly rocked.


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Shows added! Existence confirmed!

Hi!  I continue to exist!  See?  Existence ‘n’ stuff!

I recently guest-appearilated on the new Devo Spice song “Autocomplete” which you can check out for free right here!

I also just announced a few upcoming shows, including shows in Hudson, OH and Rochester, NY, which you can check out by clicking “Shows” up on the top of the whatever!  YAAAY CLICKING THINGS AND EXPERIENCING RESULTS!



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“Songs of the Maniacs” available on iTunes / Amazon / Spotify!

Took ’em long enough, but the new Worm Quartet album “Songs of the Maniacs” is finally available at all your favorite digital music merchants!

Grab you a non-physical copy from iTunes, Amazon, or CDBaby, or sell your soul to advertisers and stream it for free on Spotify!


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Digital version of “Songs of the Maniacs”

Hi, people!

The new Worm Quartet album “Songs of the Maniacs,” featuring “The Ballad Of Doctor Stopp,” “The Laundromat Of Sin,” my cover of Henry Phillips’ “On The Shoulders Of Freaks,” and all kinds of other noises I made with my face, computer, instruments, and occasionally other people, is now available in full-on digital form over on CDBaby, and coming soon to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and all them other assorted musical bit-vendors what sells you stuff.

Of course, if you want the full-on physical shiny CD, you can order it right here at the Worm Quartet store.



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