Stupid Video Game Music

2007 re-issue – remastered from the original 2001 release


1. Initial Introductory Prelude What Comes Before The Rest Of The Songs
2. Dear God
3. Mommy’s Broken
4. Boning Away On The Ottoman
5. Frank’s Not In The Band Anymore
6. Ode To Phil
7. Mommy’s Broken (Underwater Version)
8. Pac-Man Is Naked And So Should You
9. Deodorant
10. I Hate Syracuse
11. Get A Real Dog
12. Mommy’s Broken (Dance Remix)
13. Long Story Short
14. Minuet In G
15. Thermometer Of Doom
16. Too Fat For The Pit
17. Mommy’s Broken (French Version)
18. Done
19. Ice Cream Has No Bones
20. It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Lib
21. Mommy’s Broken (Backwards Version)
22. I Wanna Poop In Diane Sawyer’s Mailbox
23. Deadanimals
24. Call Me Jennifer And Steal My Stapler
25. That Better Not Be A Fucking Raisin In My Cookie
26. Mommy’s Broken (1992 Live Import Alternate Bonus Bootleg Demo)
27. Road Bliss

Bonus tracks:
28. Get A Real Dog (Rin Tin Tinnitus mix by The Gothsicles)
29. Mommy’s Broken – Unplugged (Featuring Eric Coleman)
30. Long Story Short (Live)
31. Dear God (Old Mix That Phil Likes For Some Reason)
32. Mommy’s Broken (Super Spiffy Guest Star Version)
33. Pac-Man Is Naked And So Should You (Live – Featuring the great Luke Ski)
34. Too Fat For The Pit (Live)
35. Mommy’s Broken (David Tanny Mega-Mix)

Additional content:
Put this in your PC or Mac for a secret bonus video game!


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